About Us

Collecting is probably one of the most ancient activities of the human being, rediscovering, preserving and studying those items has enabled us to acquire knowledge about our past and culture. Growing up surrounded by art and artefacts, paintings, old photographs and past stories, handed on to our families and to us by our ancestors it’s inevitable that collecting them has become an important part of our life. Living and working internationally for many years we have gathered ethnographical art and artefacts. Through the years, we were lucky enough to meet very interesting and talented, artists, designers and collectors which transferred their passion and knowledge to us.

Our Art Gallery is located in one of the most beautiful and artistic cities in the world, Barcelona, which still permeates a bohemian atmosphere and creative essence. We present in our Gallery a selection of International Fine Art, Paintings, sculptures, Porcelain, Ceramic, Art glass along with Miniatures, Jewellery and Watches.